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Meet Ian Martin

I fell in love with cinema after witnessing the magic of E.T on the big screen as a young boy. This is a passion that has stayed with me into adulthood. I took up writing as a means to create my own worlds and characters that hopefully other cinema lovers will enjoy. I have a genuine love for dark human traits and often create characters that have experienced deeply traumatic events before throwing them back into a world of hurt.

My first taste of the movie business came in 1998 when I was lucky enough to work on the reboot of The Mummy. It was here that I got to meet a lot of actors and industry people. It was over ten years later that I first put pen to paper and began to write down my stories. I have built up a portfolio of feature scripts and pilots and have been lucky enough to fly to LA for meetings to pitch my ideas. Please reach out for any further info. 


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