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10 Films That Changed My Life

There's been a chain nomination campaign on Facebook for a while now nominating people to list 10 films that changed their lives without mentioning why. Here's my list with my reasoning. Enjoy.

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial

The first film I remember my parents taking me to see. I loved it. The entire experience was magical. My love for film and storytelling started here.

Star Wars

This was always on the telly on bank holidays and Christmas. I would sit down and watch it and the sequels with my dad. I loved the toys as well. Good times.

Live And Let Die

Another bank holiday classic. Loved the bad guys in this one. The aligator escape is a personal fave and who can forget Clifton James as Sheriff J.W Pepper?

The Terminator

Too young to see this when it first came out but there was a huge buzz around my school when it was aired on BBC2. Mark Kermode introduced the film and I loved every minute of it.


James Cameron's Vietnam movie in space. A brilliant sequal and possibly my favourite action film. It's game over, man. Game over.

Pulp Fiction

My introduction to non-linear storytelling. An awesomely quotable film with a quality cast of characters. Brilliant.

The Mummy

I had the pleasure of working on this film in my local town in the summer of '98. My first on set expierience and not my last. It was great seeing how a movie is made outside of the editing suite and I got to meet the cast and some top level crew. Unforgettable. I love the actual movie as well.

Training Day

I bought this on dvd when it came out and was hooked from the off. It was only recently that I realised that this was probably the film that planted the seed in my head to write my own film one day. David Ayer wrote a great screenplay for this film and it's well worth a read.

Hot Tub Time Machine

An unusual choice you may think but this one is a guilty pleasure of mine. One of the producers, Luke Ryan, was the first Hollywood exec I ever pitched to and he bought me a beer because I thanked him for making this film happen.

The Shawshank Redemption

The theme of this film is hope. Whenever life gets me down I use hope to get me through it. This is why this film is special to me. I hope I never have to crawl through a river of shit, but metophically I have, and I've come through on the other side smelling of roses.